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Advocating for a

Thriving Arts Sector

Messaging that speaks to City Council and municipal priorities to consider as you share your story:

Arts Sector as an Economic Driver: Calgary continues to grow as a magnet for top tier talent and small business owners. A vibrant and strong arts sector will help attract and retain this talent.  A healthy arts sector also contributes s significantly to developing a vibrant city core by supporting civic partners and business revitalization zones. The arts sector can help to increased tourism and initiate other indirect economic activity.

Building Stronger Communities: By cultivating a healthy arts sector and investing in local talent Calgary can become a city of inspiring neighborhoods. The arts can engage Calgarians by creating a sense of place and strong civic identity; as well as addressing mental health, social isolation and Truth and Reconciliation.


Civic Engagement: Art in Calgary is not restricted to downtown core; sustainable investment allows for Calgarians to add to the vitality of our city through festivals and other creative programs across all 14 Wards.


Empowering Calgarians to Realize Their Potential: Through arts education, creative programming and cultural activities, Calgarians can foster greater relationships with and within their communities; as well as develop a better understanding of themselves and the world.

Ready to share your story?  Contact City Council now:

Calgary City Councillors:


Ward 1: Ward Sutherland               Twitter: @Ward4Ward1

Ward 2: Joe Magliocca                          Twitter: @joe_magliocca

Ward 3: Jyoti Gondek                               Twitter: @JyotiGondek

Ward 4: Sean Chu                                              Twitter: @seanchucalgary 

Ward 5: George Chahal                         Twitter: @ChahalGeorge

Ward 6: Jeff Davison                                    Twitter: @JeffDavisonYYC

Ward 7: Druh Farrell                                     Twitter: @DruhFarrell

Ward 8: Evan Woolley                              Twitter:  @EWoolleyWard8

Ward 9: Gian-Carlo Carra                  Twitter: @gccarra

Ward 10: Ray Jones                                           Twitter: @RundleRay

Ward 11: Jeromy Farkas                         Twitter: @JeromyYYC

Ward 12: Shane Keating                         Twitter: @CouncillorKeats

Ward 13: Diane Colley-Urquhart Twitter:  @BigRedyyc

Ward 14: Peter Demong                         Twitter: @peterdemong

Mayor: Naheed Nenshi                                   Twitter: @nenshi 

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