The city is gearing up for another exciting and impactful municipal election year and Creative Calgary needs your help to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable arts funding!

Creative Calgary is a non-partisan group of citizens that care deeply about the role the arts play in connecting our communities and building a healthy, thriving city. Calgary’s artists are world-class and we aspire to be a creative hub, accessible to people of every age, ability and background. The arts and cultural sector currently employs more than 50,000 Calgarians and is a critical component of the economic diversification of the city, yet we could be contributing even more. Unfortunately, the sector is under threat due to persistent underfunding from the municipal government, presenting a substantial risk to our city’s educational, financial and community vitality.

We have a considerable opportunity to enhance Calgary’s future through sustainable arts funding. We are looking for volunteers to help citizens make informed choices about candidates who support the arts and cultural sector in the City of Calgary when it's time to cast their votes on October 16th!

Is there a minimum age for volunteers?


Yes. Volunteers have to be a minimum of 16-years old. 

Is there a dress code for Creative Calgary volunteers?


Please wear your Creative Calgary shirt when on shift.

Where/When do I pick up my Creative Calgary shirt?


They will be available for pickup at the Creative Calgary headquarters office outside the lobby of the Glenbow Museum (130 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0P3). Office hours are listed on the Creative Calgary website under "Calendar." 

Please ensure that you have this before your first shift—and yes, the shirt is yours to keep!

What happens if I can’t make my scheduled shift?


We’re counting on you! Your presence on site and around the city makes a dramatic impact on site hosts, community members and fellow volunteers. If you can’t make it to your shift, please email us with as much advance notice as possible at volunteer@creativecalgary.org ASAP to let us know.

Can I show up late or leave early from my shift?


Preferably no in an ideal world, but we understand you have lots of responsibilities. If you have signed up for a shift we are counting on you to be there for the entire time. If you are running late please message volunteer@creativecalgary.org ASAP - don’t panic!

Is there a minimum number of shifts I need to sign up for to be involved?


No! Sign up for any number of shifts that you are available for. Creative Calgary relies on a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers; we appreciate you helping out in any way possible.

Where/When do I pick up the Event Kits?


They will be available for pickup at the Creative Calgary headquarters office outside the lobby of the Glenbow Museum (130 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0P3). Office hours are Weekdays 3-7 p.m. | Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.| Saturday 1-4 p.m.

There are different types of Event Kits available depending on the site host requirements. You will receive communication from the Creative Calgary Volunteer Coordinator by email prior to the event with instructions on which kit to take and how to sign it out. Please ensure that you have your kit in advance of the event.

I've signed up to volunteer, now what?


The event lead will be in touch approximately 24 hours before the event by email with details of where to meet for your shift. 
If you do not hear from an event lead in advance of the event email us at volunteer@creativecalgary.org.

How will I get around to the Creative Calgary site locations?


Volunteers are responsible for their own transportation and costs associated.

What’s the best way to stay on top of Creative Calgary news?


In addition to getting email updates from the DOYYC team after you've pledged, you can stay in the know by following us on our:

• Website: http://www.creativecalgary.org/
• Twitter: @creative_yyc
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Creative-Calgary-1928438457393955/
• Art Works Hashtag: #artworksyyc

What are Creative Calgary volunteer social media guidelines?

See our social media conduct below:

  • DO feel free to utilize event hashtags and share live photos with us on your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram 
  • DO have fun and speak in a way you’d expect an ambassador of Creative Calgary to speak! We are all about inclusiveness and positivity. A little humour is fine, in good taste! 
  • DON’T mention your status as a volunteer on Facebook or Twitter bio. But feel free to include your volunteer status on LinkedIn under the “volunteer” section (doing this will ensure you won’t appear as a direct spokesperson for Creative Calgary – in the case we’d need to be sure you used your account in a professional capacity only as it would be associated with Creative Calgary as a non-partisan organization) 
  • DON’T swear or use profanity when engaging with event guests, fellow volunteers or Creative Calgary team members
  • DON’T comment on a crisis situation should one occur; for all media inquiries contact Chris Cowperthwaite, Campaign Manager, at chris@creativecalgary.org or (587) 816-6036
  • Don’t make speculations on what you see or hear. Make sure the information is accurate and verified and comes from reliable source, such as the Creative Calgary Campaign Manager.

What is the Creative Calgary crisis management procedure?


A: In case of an emergency, all event staff and volunteers have the authority to contact on site Police, EMS or Fire Department at any time to report:

1. Immediate medical assistance

2. Fire

3. Suspicious Package

4. In person threat or fighting

5. Any perceived, possible, or confirmed danger

Never go into a life-threatening situation, even if it’s your instinct to help your fellow Calgarians. Please allow first responders who are trained to manage the situation to do the job and don’t give First Aid – leave it to the experts! 

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