What are Creative Calgary volunteer social media guidelines?

See our social media conduct below:

  • DO feel free to utilize event hashtags and share live photos with us on your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram 
  • DO have fun and speak in a way you’d expect an ambassador of Creative Calgary to speak! We are all about inclusiveness and positivity. A little humour is fine, in good taste! 
  • DON’T mention your status as a volunteer on Facebook or Twitter bio. But feel free to include your volunteer status on LinkedIn under the “volunteer” section (doing this will ensure you won’t appear as a direct spokesperson for Creative Calgary – in the case we’d need to be sure you used your account in a professional capacity only as it would be associated with Creative Calgary as a non-partisan organization) 
  • DON’T swear or use profanity when engaging with event guests, fellow volunteers or Creative Calgary team members
  • DON’T comment on a crisis situation should one occur; for all media inquiries contact Chris Cowperthwaite, Campaign Manager, at chris@creativecalgary.org or (587) 816-6036
  • Don’t make speculations on what you see or hear. Make sure the information is accurate and verified and comes from reliable source, such as the Creative Calgary Campaign Manager.

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