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Advocating for a Thriving Arts Sector

Creative Calgary is a non-partisan group of artists, arts organizations and citizens at large who are committed to and advocate for a thriving arts sector with a positive public profile.

#YYCArts Pledge


Show your elected officials how important the arts are to you.

Share the issues that you care about, and ask others to join! 

The information collected from the #YYCArts pledge will be used in Creative Calgary's advocacy work after the election, to inform elected officials on the value that constituents like you place on the arts.

As a Calgarian, I believe a thriving, prosperous city must have a vibrant arts scene in order to succeed. City Council should work to foster a strong and inclusive arts sector, as well as find strategic ways to increase investment in the arts sector.

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No personal information will be shared with elected officials, and will not be shared outside of Creative Calgary.

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