Advocating for a

Thriving Arts Sector

Creative Calgary is a non-partisan group of artists, arts organizations and citizens at large who are committed to and advocate for a thriving arts sector with a positive public profile.

Calgary’s artists are world-class and strive to engage audiences of every age, ability and background.


The arts and cultural sector is a critical component of the economic diversification of the city, yet it could contribute even more. The sector is under threat due to persistent under-funding from the municipal government. This under-funding presents a substantial risk to our city’s educational, financial and community vitality.


Working together we can strengthen the sector.


Our Vision:

Calgary has a thriving arts sector with a positive public profile.

We have 4 goals:

  1. Increased municipal financial investment in the arts sector.

  2. Increased positive public profile of the arts sector.

  3. Ensure the arts sector has a seat at the table for city-building initiatives.

  4. A greater diversity of the arts sector participates in Creative Calgary

Our Strategies:

  • Steward Councillor relationships.

  • Activate the arts sector and its communities in advocacy work.

  • Advance and leverage arts sector and partner relationships.

  • Act as a conduit to support the effective implementation of civic investment in the arts sector.

  • Foster cohesion and collaboration in the arts sector.

This work will help make the arts an integral component of our city's DNA!


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