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Advocating for a

Thriving Arts Sector

Creative Calgary is a non-partisan group of artists, arts organizations and citizens at large who are committed to and advocate for a thriving arts sector with a positive public profile.

A big part of achieving this goal is having strong funding support from the municipal government. With the recent provincial cuts to municipalities, we need your help to advocate for the arts in Calgary’s upcoming municipal budget.  

As an individual Arts Champion, please take out your phone, open up your email or Twitter (#creativeyyc), and send a message to your City Councillor (or all of them!) to share why you value the arts and to keep arts funding as a priority for the City.


For arts organizations, ask your audiences and stakeholders to do the same this month.  Imagine the impact as the thousands of messages reach City Council.  Need some tips as you share why arts funding is important to you and to keeping Calgary a socially vibrant and economically strong city?

It’s a small individual act, but together we’ll make a difference for the arts and for Calgary. Thank you for your support!

Calgary City Councillors:


Ward 1: Ward Sutherland             ward.sutherland@calgary.ca            Twitter: @Ward4Ward1

Ward 2: Joe Magliocca                   joe.magliocca@calgary.ca                 Twitter: @joe_magliocca

Ward 3: Jyoti Gondek                     jyoti.gondek@calgary.ca                    Twitter: @JyotiGondek

Ward 4: Sean Chu                            sean.chu@calgary.ca                            Twitter: @seanchucalgary 

Ward 5: George Chahal                  george.chahal@calgary.ca                 Twitter: @ChahalGeorge

Ward 6: Jeff Davison                       jeff.davison@calgary.ca                       Twitter: @JeffDavisonYYC

Ward 7: Druh Farrell                        druh.farrell@calgary.ca                       Twitter: @DruhFarrell

Ward 8: Evan Woolley                     evan.woolley@calgary.ca                   Twitter:  @EWoolleyWard8

Ward 9: Gian-Carlo Carra               gian-carlo.carra@calgary.ca             Twitter: @gccarra

Ward 10: Ray Jones                          ray.jones@calgary.ca                           Twitter: @RundleRay

Ward 11: Jeromy Farkas                 jeromy.farkas@calgary.ca                  Twitter: @JeromyYYC

Ward 12: Shane Keating                 shane.keating@calgary.ca                  Twitter: @CouncillorKeats

Ward 13: Diane Colley-Urquhart diane.colley-urquhart@calgary.ca Twitter:  @BigRedyyc

Ward 14: Peter Demong                 peter.demong@calgary.ca                  Twitter: @peterdemong

Mayor: Naheed Nenshi                   themayor@calgary.ca                          Twitter: @nenshi