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Arts Led City Building

Case for Support Indicator through CADA’s Cultural Activation Fund:

During the Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMAs) CADA supported the Off-Country Music Festival through
the Cultural Activation fund where over more than 4,000 attendees went to the Music Mile to be a part of the
CCMA scene and take in the music of local/Calgary area artists. This is part of amplifying and elevating the
Creative Economy alignment as the emerging Music City here in Calgary Off -Country Festival (during the
Canadian Country Music Awards)

Off-Country Festival Venue Testimonial:

“We really enjoyed it, and thought it was put together really well! If it happens again in the future, I would
absolutely plan ahead for all 3 days instead of only the Friday & Saturday. We are generally busy Friday &
Saturdays regardless so it would be hard to judge the energy from those days alone, but starting it on
Thursday gave us the insight to see that it absolutely had some effect as the neighbourhood was MUCH
busier than usual for a Thursday! I would assume it's safe to say that the weekend traffic was definitely part
of the buzz. We thought you guys did something creative and cool, and put it all together very professionally
in such a short amount of time. And it was made to be incredibly easy on our part which is always
appreciated! I really hope it happens again in the future.”
-Brendi, The Hose and Hound

Case for Support Testimonial through CADA’s OG+ Program
“Inside Out Theatre is a Deaf and disability theatre company equally invested in artistic excellence,
community building, and deepening cultural accessibility. This increased City investment, along with
growing support from Calgary individuals, foundations, and corporations, has seen Inside Out grow to
become Canada’s largest disability theatre company!
In particular this funding will boost our community building work. We know that social isolation is a public
health crisis, and that the pain of this isolation is felt most acutely by seniors and folks with disabilities.
We also believe being welcomed through the arts into your city’s cultural life can be a powerful relief from
the harm of social isolation. I’m grateful for the great number of Calgarians who’ll enjoy a deeper sense of
belonging that this increased support will mean.”
– Col Cseke, Artistic & Executive Director, Inside Out Theatre

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