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Sustainable Arts Sector through Granting

Case for Support Indicator through CADA’s Original People’s Investment Program:

Goal: to increase the number of Indigenous artists and organizations supported sixfold by 2022
2017 – 8
2018 – 18
2019 – 42 (year to date through the Original People’s Investment Program)

Case for Support Testimonials through CADA’s OG+ Program

“With the economic downturn, it is more important than ever to support this very important sector that not
only creates a vibrant city but also generates economic stimulation. Without the arts, the quality of life is
reduced. The recent increase to funding has provided much needed operational funding to the sector. It has
allowed us to continue presenting Indigenous voices and break new ground for our organization. We hope
that the city shows their continued support because it has made a difference to our city.”
– Oli Siska, Managing Director, MT7

“Quest Theatre has long wanted to contribute to the vibrancy of Calgary through public engagement. This
increase in funding has enabled us to plan low or no cost theatrical adventures for over 20 neighborhood
festivals and community events throughout Calgary this season. Activities include shadow exploration
workshops, an outdoor treasure chest adventure, a pop-up dress up photo booth, an open house featuring
a mask and puppet play in process, and several other adventures. We are providing work for artists, and
increasing opportunities for volunteers, especially youth volunteers, to create fun theatrical encounters for
young families in Calgary communities. The funding we received this year is an investment in increasing
awareness of Quest Theatre and building significant community support for our long-term goals. Our
objective is to establish ourselves as the flagship theatre company for young audiences in Alberta. This
means, on top of other programming, realizing our Sweet Pea Series of performances and activities for
preschoolers, and launching a Family Theatre Series in Calgary in the future. We will build significant
community support, but we will not achieve our goals without consistent and increased financial support
from the City of Calgary.”
– Nikki Loach, Artistic Director, Quest Theatre

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